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Welcome to Adiene Art!
Please bare with me as I get this mess cleaned up :D
Really like the way this layout is going so far. Now, to tackle the gallery! *cowers in fear*
I hope to get a page built with my resume as well.

The images used in this layout are from my image titled Faerey Ruins. My favorite color is green and I just adore the soft shades of them all together here. Faery Ruins is one of my favorites, could use some retouching but still remains one of my favs reguardless. lol

* Notice:
Half, if not all, of the links are currently not working. This is because I am in the process of moving things around and adding the new layout pages etc.
Sorry :(

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About Adiene

... all you need to know and more?

If you’re wondering why this ‘about’ page is in 3rd person, its because Adiene hates writing about herself, and I, Vex, have taken it upon myself to write something, so she will hurry up and put this damn layout up. anyways…

Adiene is 31 years old, mother of 2 brats. She resides in some place in England, for now at least, until her hubby gets transferred somewhere far away. But because President Bush is a dick, he’s stuck fighting a war that is pointless. Anyway. She’s studying criminal law, cause she knows its the coolest thing on the planet ( no, really.. it is )

She’s an amazingly sweet person. She has a very warm heart and always able to find good in something. She’s ambitious too!

She’s a very good drawer, and has a wildly imaginative mind. She has problems going to sleep because there’s so much to do in so little time. This leads to her brain shutting down at random moments and asking lots of silly questions that keep people ( like me ) entertained for hours. She has natural talent to wow people with anything she makes. Even if it was a blank piece of paper, crumpled up and tossed away, she’d make it look great.

By now, i’m sure her head is swollen from the compliments and I hate writing these ‘about’ pages just as much as she does. So consider this done!

* All Artwork copyright Adiene(Krista Holewinske) and may not be used without expressed written consent. *